Black Lives Matter

So I know I haven’t updated in a hot minute, but I have decided I want to start blogging again. Before I start blogging about fashion or other content, I wanted to talk about how I have been educating myself on the prevalent racism and oppression of Black people in American culture, in our laws…

Fashion done Ethically

Now that I have given an idea of what sustainability is in the fashion industry, I’m going to give you some ways you can support the movement for ethical practices in the fashion industry. There are a couple of actions you can take to support this movement, such as consuming less, or buying less clothing…

Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

Hey Fashionistas! I know I have not posted for a few years, so I wanted to make a post about what I will primarily be blogging about, which is sustainability in the fashion industry. I first learned about the issue of fast fashion a few years ago in one of my classes when I studied…

A sea flowing into fabric

So recently I’ve been experimenting with different types of artwork, and one of my favorite pieces is this handpainted shirt. I took acrylic paints and went wild with them.  

Find the Waldees

This is a picture I drew when I was at a party. It’s an abstract version of my two aunts sitting on a couch. Can you find the two ladies?    

Releasing Anxiety into Art

I drew these when I was at a wedding event because I started to have a panic attack, so I took out my paper and started drawing away. I’ve found drawing is a good outlet for me since it calms me down so much.     

Jumping into a colorful ride

So lately, I’ve been having a lot of anxiety, and one of my ways to deal with it is  by drawing and coloring. It helps to get all the negative energy out. I drew this when I was having really bad anxiety, as well as a bunch of different overwhelming emotions. And I think this…

Dolphins in flowers

Here is another one of my drawings that I made recently. It started out as a flower, but then grew to be the shape of a dolphin. What do you see?  

Florence Fun

  So the last few months I was in the beautiful city of Florence, but sadly because I had to leave in a rush, I didn’t get a chance to buy anyone gifts from there. So I decided I would make something: a coloring page with one of my favorite views from Forte di Belvedere in…