Masquerade unmasked

Masuerade unmasked

Here’s a more crazy prom outfit. I love the colors of the dress and the big feather on it which makes it unique and stand out. Also, the feather earrings tie in with the feather on the dress, and because it’s prom and you can go the extra mile, I added in the simple wrap around bracelet. The shoes go perfectly because the colors are all in the dress, but they’re pretty simple so that they don’t overpower the dress.


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4 Responses to Masquerade unmasked

  1. This is a perfect combination! O_O I would so wear these too! 🙂

    • Thank you so much:)Yeah, I wanted to do something unusual and bold but still have accessories because I hate when there’s a bold element such as the dress and then u have no jewelry because the bold thing is the “centerpiece”. But I think u can always incorporate jewelry and a look isn’t finished without it. Thank you again!

  2. DeadlyInlove says:

    Omg, that dress, it’s just unreal!

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