Simple’n Bold

So here are a few outfits that I wore in the past two weeks:

So I started off with this eggplant purple skirt from cotton on( I promise it’s that color, it just looks maroon) and I wanted to sort of contrast it so I chose an indigo shirt(from Forever21), which has alot of purple tones to the color, so it goes with the skirt. I needed something to cover up, so I threw over this gray floral cardigan(Forever21) and since purple and gray go well together, it worked. I like how the floral cardigan adds something to the outfit. I went with black tights to go with the “dark colors” theme. I chose a simple leaf gold necklace since everything else I had was eye catching. And since I don’t like any outfit without some earrings, I put some of my fave gold leaf earrings to go with the pattern. I wore my navy blue flats which I had featured in my flowering into spring outfit post.

I started off with this shirt that I made, and since it was sort of cold I wore my jeans from macy’s with it. Since it’s a coral/peachy pink shirt, I thought gold jewelry would go perfectly with the shirt. I wore my gold earrings to go with the leaf like pattern on the shirt which are from wet seal and to go with the earrings, I wore my leaf necklace from forever21. It goes well with the shirt because I felt like a necklace was needed, but the pattern is simple and small enough that it doesn’t overpower the print on the shirt. I wore my tan/golden flats from payless to go with the gold theme.

This day I felt like wearing something really out of my style: simple. I started off with my jeans from macy’s and decided I wanted to wear my floral cardigan from Forever21 , and since I was going for something more simple, I decided to wear a white v-neck. A necklace was needed to play up the white tee, so I pulled out my beaded necklace and threw it on. The colors in the necklace go well with the colors in the cardigan even though they’re not the same colors.I wanted to have a ring, a sort of statement one, so I put on the black beaded ring which goes with the simple look because the beads are black and the size isn’t all that big. I chose my black studs from wet seal because the ring has black beads and the necklace has black beads as well. Lastly, I chose the gray and purple shoes because the gray goes with the cardigan.

I wanted to take advantage of the warm weather so I pulled out my peach skirt and you guys know how I love color blocking, so I put on a turquoise cami which goes with the skirt because it’s a type of green, and peach is a variation of orange, and these colors work well together. I decided to neutralize the outfit by putting on a white cardigan and I chose this particular one because it has a more ‘modern’ feel to it. I added the lace tights to add some pattern to the outfit and the tights are what really made the outfit pop. I chose the statement necklace in a peach color, and even though I already have a lot going on here, it works because everything is a solid color and there is already some peach in the skirt. I chose the golden ring because the color is simple and it goes with the gold outlining of the necklace. Lastly, I chose these golden flats because gold looks good with peach and turquoise.


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4 Responses to Simple’n Bold

  1. I love the pink printed shirt that you made…and those tights are awesome!
    Great ways to get floral into your looks without getting to garden party. šŸ™‚

    • Thanks! glad u like! Ik, everytime I wear them, I can’t stop staring at my legs cuz the pattern is so pretty. lol. Yeah, it’s a more okay, not subtle cuz they’re tights and they have the fishnet material, but it’s an easier way of incorporating the floral print.

  2. I just want to say I am new to blogging and absolutely savored you’re page. Most likely Iā€™m want to bookmark your blog post . You actually have perfect posts. Thanks a bunch for sharing your web page.

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