All I Want is Everything

I just finished re-reading the third book in the Gossipgirl series, and I know I said in my other post about this book that I hated Jenny, and especially her and Nate together, but actually(Spoiler Alert)when Nate became freaked out by Jenny’s paintings of him, I got really annoyed at his character. It’s like he can’t even commit to one girl, almost how Serena can’t commit to one guy.The first time I read this book, I was so glad when Jenny and Nate had broken up, though I did feel sort of bad for her, but now I kind of wish Nate hadn’t been such a jerk and that he had liked her more after he saw the paintings because they actually were a cute couple. Atleast Jenny got over their quick romance pretty easily. I also like how Blair rejected Nate because he dropped her as if she didn’t mean anything to him, then went to Jenny and when he was bored of her, went back to Blair expecting a welcome party.  I remember the first time I read the book, I thought it was so odd how Serena was interested in Aaron so  much because he doesn’t really seem like the type of guy Serena would go for. But then again, she likes to be with every guy in the world.


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