Plum’n it up

Hasn’t warmed up where you live? No worries, you can still pull out your bright colors of  summery clothing. I started off with this eggplant purple tank top and a pair of darkwash jeans because darker colored shirts look better with darker denim. I put in this mustard yellow blazer because I wanted to brighten up this outfit. Also, this is a perfect way to color block since purple and yellow look great together. Since I chose a yellow blazer, I decided to go with some gold jewelry. The necklace with the crystal lilac bow adds a nice touch of girlyness to the outfit. The layered look of the necklace adds some dimension as well. The earrings go perfectly with the necklace even though the gold in it is not the same gold as in the necklace. The crystals in the earrings are what help to tie in with the necklace since it has some crystals as well. Also, since there is some serious color blocking going on and I chose a necklace that’s not exactly simple, the studs are subtle enough because they’re studs but at the same time fancy enough to go with the necklace. The ring goes well since the gold in it is very close to the yellow blazer. Also, the stone/white part inside the ring has a pearlescent look, which matches the pearls in the necklace but at the same time it has a sparkly sheen which makes it work nicely with the crystals in the earrings. The dark purple pumps go perfectly because they’re the same color as the sleeveless shirt and has texture just like the shirt. The bag balances out the outfit really nicely because it’s structure and color is simple. Since the purse is tan, it goes with the gold jewelry because gold/brown/yellow are in the same family.

About fashionforever248

I love fashion, beauty and reading.
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