Dan vs Chuck

So I just finished catching up on the last few episodes of gossipgirl and I have to say, I was so happy that Dan and Blair’s relationship was really working and strong because I love them so much. I think they’re the cutest couple. Well, besides Nate and Blair. But at the end (Spoiler Alert) of the last episode, she chose Chuck over Dan, which I’m really annoyed about because I really wanted Dan and Blair to stay together. Oh well, I’m glad they atleast got their chance. I can’t believe Serena seduced Dan like that to cheat on Blair. I know it’s both their faults, but Serena deliberately used one of their fights to take advantage of him, which is wrong. I know most of you who watch gossipgirl are probably glad Chuck and Blair are back together, but is there anyone else who liked Dan and Blair much better than Chuck and Blair?


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  1. click says:

    Cool post ! Thank you for, commenting on this blog page mate. Ill email you some time! I did not know that.

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