fruity in a cup

fruity in a cup
I was on one of my favorite websites the other day(polyvore) and someone asked how to style these hot pink shoes with these white pants.  Since I love color, I immediately thought a mint green shirt because I love mint green and hot pink. Since I wanted to go for a girly vibe, the shirt’s bow and ruffles at the front adds to the girlyness. Since I was going for a simple girly vibe, I chose some simple light silver hoops because they’re girly, simple and put together. Light silver works perfectly because the jewelry is closer to the shirt, which is a lighter color. The light silver complements the mint green nicely because it won’t stand out too much against the shirt. The bracelet complements the earrings since it’s simple because of the color, but intricate since there are some pearls and crystals. The bracelet is delicate at the same time which adds to the girly vibe. The purse is girly because of the light silver color, which matches the jewelry and the color and shape give off a girly vibe. The small handle and flowers at the top add an elegant touch as well.

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