Walkin Downtown All Ladylike

walkin downtown
Not a huge fan of color blocking but still want to make the white pants and hot pink pumps look girly? Then adding this peplum light grey top is the perfect touch to add some girlyness. It’s girly because it’s fitted on top but flares out at the bottom which is a very ladylike type of clothing. Also, the light grey color and pleats at the bottom add to the girlyness. The white earrings are perfect because they contrast the color of the shirt but don’t overpower it since the shirt isn’t much darker than the earrings. Also, the floral pattern on it gives off a girly fun vibe since floral patterns are very ladylike and girly. It’s simple since it’s white, which is a neutral color but the pattern spruces it up. The cuff goes perfectly because it’s a light silver which goes with the grey in the shirt and also with the earrings since it’s a color in betwen the two.

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2 Responses to Walkin Downtown All Ladylike

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