Bookie # 1


I just finished reading Princess for Hire by Lindsey Leavitt, and as you can probably tell by the title, it’s a really girly book. It’s about this teenager, Desi, who feels like no one notices her. It takes place in the summer before she goes to the eighth grade. One day, she gets humiliated in front of her crush while working at her job by her school”enemy” and her boss sees it. To make her feel better, he shows her this fish tank. I know what you’re guys thinking, a plain boring fish tank? But the fish are special, or so says the manager. Desi doesn’t believe that it has powers because she thinks the manager is a dork. But he tells her a story on how he made a wish while talking to the fish and how his wish came true. Though she was skeptical, Desi told the fish she wanted to be the kind of person to make an impact and then she put in a rock. But she was disappointed as nothing happened after she put in the blue rock into the tank and said her wish. Later on that night, she takes a bath and reads the newspaper. Something catches her eye. An advertisement that says Princess for hire. Perfect! Just what she wanted, to be important. What better way to do that then be a princess? But there was one problem, there was no phone number. So she forgot about it. Just as she was forgetting about it, a lady pops up in a magical way and tells her that she has magic in her and that she could be a substitute for princesses. It’s like a dream come true for her, so she signs signs a contract. She leaves right away to be a substitute for the first princess. Desi’s so excited to be able to look like a princess and be glamorous. Only to find out at her first job that it was a costume party for something gross. As soon as she’s done with that job, she moves onto another princess who’s shy and is always bullied by her sister. And Desi does what she intended to:make an impact. She goes to her next two princess jobs and does the same. But the lady who came to tell her about the job isn’t too happy with her because Desi was supposed to just lead their normal lives, not make an impact. Especially since the last princess was her biggest screw up yet……


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