Peaches with a pop of green

springy greens and pinks
 Since I wanted to put together a look that was pretty simple and wearable for most people, I decided to pair this peachy pink skirt with a white tank top because white is a neutral color and the skirt is a lighter color. When you’re going for a more simple look, pairing lighter colors such as pastels or washes of colors with white helps to not make a contrast. If it’s starting to get a little chilly where you live, this tan/beige cardigan is the perfect way to add some coziness to your outfit. The cardigan complements the skirt and tank top because it’s a light neutral color. To spruce up the outfit, I chose a long bronze gold necklace with an emerald detailing since gold and green look good with peachy pinks. A long necklace with a lot of layers would go better with the outfit since it would add something to the otherwise boring neckline. The earrings are perfect because they’re the same emerald green as the jewel on the necklace and the outline is the same bronze gold as the necklace. Although the ring is more of a bronze gold than the rest of the jewelry, it still complements the rest of the jewelry since it has flowers and has an intricate pattern. Lastly, I chose the cream flats with a bow to go with the lighter color on the skirt as well as the tank top. Although the lighter color in the skirt is more of a light peachy pink, cream complements that color well.

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