preppy’n fun

preppy'n fun
 I started off with this white blouse that has a preppy feel to it because of the cuffs at the wrists and generally blouses like these give off a preppy vibe. I love this blouse because it has some girly detailing to it with the front of the blouse and the structured look of it. To go with the top, I paired it with a navy skirt which is perfect since it has a preppy look to it especially when paired with the blouse since the skirt has some box pleats as well as being a longer length. To spruce this outfit up a bit, I added some lace tights since black lace adds an interesting touch. To go with the fun vibe of the lace tights , I decided to add some black chandelier earrings. The earrings go with the tights because both offset the look of the skirt and blouse combo since they’re both dramatic pieces. To keep things simple and tie in the preppy look, I added some dark blue/navy flats since they’re girly and a staple in a prep’s wardrobe. The purse is the perfect combination of girly and polished since the ruching makes it girly and the structure of the bag is a simpler style. The color of the purse matches the earrings and the tights as well.

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I love fashion, beauty and reading.
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