Knotted in Autumn

knotted in autumn
 Wish it was summer because you like the look of shorts? Not to worry, you can still carry your shorts into fall. Shorts that are made out of a khaki material or a “dressy” material such as suede tend to look better with tights. The burnt orange sweater complements the shorts since they’re a tan color and browns or colors in the brown family look good with orange. The sweater brightens up the shorts as well. The dark brown tights are perfect since they’re in the same color family as the shorts. Since the shorts and tights were brown, I wanted to stick with the “brown” theme, so I chose the closest color to brown for-a rustic gold. The knotted necklace goes with the knot in the sweater, and the earrings have a knot as well so they’re perfect. Not to mention that both have a rustic look since they have black and gold intertwined throughout both jewelry pieces. The woven brown bag is perfect since it’s brown as well, and it follows the trend of wearing the same color but in different tones. The bag also has an effortless but put together look. Lastly, the flats are perfect since they’re tan as well and add a girly touch to the outfit.

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