Keepin’ the Holiday Spirit goin’

Keepin' the Holiday Spirit goin.
Okay, so I know that usually wearing green and red are saved to wear only around Christmas, but my say is that who says you can’t wear the combination after the winter holidays? I love the combination of green and red, especially this cranberry red color and the olive green. I started out with the red sweater dress which I love because of the subtle detailing at the neck and at the bottom of the sleeves. Since this is for winter, I decided to go with tights. Because I wanted to add a pop of color in the pea coat, I decided to keep the color of the tights simple and went with black. The pea coat gives off a nice hourglass shape since it cinches in at the waist. I also love the gold buttons on it since it adds an unexpected pop of color to the pea coat because you would expect the buttons to be in the same color as the jacket. I decided to go minimal with the jewelry and stick with one piece since I wanted this outfit to be simple. The earrings; while they are big, are classy because of the black drops, the tiny diamond and the gold in them. The shape of them is also classy and black in general is a classy color unless it is used in a punk/rocker outfit. Last but not least, I had to add in a pop of girlyness with the black heeled bow boots. They’re still feminine and classy because the boots are black and the pointed toe has a more ‘professional’ look to it.

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