Rocker Chic

Rocker Chic
Want to know how to take a preppy/girly shirt and transform it into a rocker/edgy look? Well, then this is the perfect look for you. I started out with this white shirt that has a navy blue bow on it, and to edge up the shirt, I paired it with some black leather pants. Since this outfit is for fall/winter, I added a biker style jacket to keep the edgy look. I chose for the jacket to be denim since the pants are already leather, and the leather on leather look wouldn’t have worked. What makes the jacket more rocker/edgy is that it’s a faded black and also the style of it. Now, normally I would have gone bolder with the jewelry and added some spike studded bracelets, but I decided to keep this outfit a bit more wearable. The black studs are perfect since they’re black, which is the perfect color when you’re going for an edgy look. Also, the shape of them makes them have a rocker vibe. The leather and chain bracelet was the perfect touch to push this outfit towards a rocker/edgy look. And the shoes, platform heeled boots. I don’t think anything screams edgy more than these shoes do because platform boots are a staple to an edgy outfit.

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