winter spice

winter spice

This is more of a fall/winter outfit, but I thought I would post this since today it’s been really gloomy. I started off with the navy blue floral lace skirt and decided to pair it with the burnt orange mohair cardigan since I love those two colors together.  I would wear a cami the same color as the cardigan underneath it. This is a perfect way of mixing two completely different textures and two pattern heavy pieces. Even though the skirt has a lot of detailing on it and the cardigan has quite a statement neckline, the two pieces work together well since the skirt has smaller, intricate detailing on it while the cardigan has the large ruching at the neckline. Also, since the pattern of the skirt and the statement part of the cardigan are away from each other, the two don’t clash. The key to mixing patterns is keeping one piece with a small pattern and the other piece with a bigger pattern. Next I added dark brown tights since dark brown complements burnt orange and navy blue. I added some black, gold and crystal earrings with a lot of intricate detailing. I chose the ring because the pattern matches the earrings perfectly. The shoes are a perfect example of how you can incorporate something sparkly and usually saved for parties into an everyday outfit. Since they’re in the same color family as the tights and are on the feet, the sparkliness of the shoes doesn’t stand out too much but adds the perfect girly touch.  The bag goes perfectly since it’s dark brown and has a leather look to it, so it goes well with the detailing of the skirt and the jewelry.


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