Sandy Wavelets

Sandy Wavelets
Want to know how to pull off three of this season’s trends all in one outfit? Well, then consider this outfit your inspiration for that. I used the cigarette pants, incorporated the black and white trend, and some pieces with intricate detailing/beading/ruffles. I started with the black cropped pants because I wanted to do an outfit that incorporated the black and white trend and the cigarette pants. So I chose the white ruffled shirt because as I stated earlier, I wanted this to be the black and white trend. Since plain old black and white can be kind of boring, I chose a shirt that has ruffles and since the ruffles are all over the shirt and in a unique pattern the shirt becomes interesting and has some dimension to it. I think the key to this trend is to find pieces that have something interesting in them like beading or ruffles, or adding some jewelry. Since I wanted to keep the outfit a little more simple than what I usually do, I chose yellow gold earrings that are plain drops and are solid. When jewelry is solid,(or doesn’t have any intricate pattern on it) it tends to give off a more simple look. Since the earrings are pretty bold because of the thickness, I decided to go with a bracelet that has small diamonds so that it would give off a delicate look. The ring, while big, still has the delicate look to it because it has the intricate pattern of the crystals and the leaves surrounding the cream pearl. Since cream and white are close in color, I thought the ring would be perfect. Also, the surrounding gold is the same yellow gold as the earrings, which makes the ring tie into the jewelry perfectly. I chose a simple purse because there’s a lot going on with the shoes and ruffles on the shirt. The shape of the bag is perfect since it’s small and has a feminine look to it since it has that round shape. So I put two pairs of heels because conventionally, the heels with the ankle strap wouldn’t work since the pants are cropped and the ankle strap would cut off the ankle so that you would be cutting off your leg in two places. But I thought it would look interesting and I like the beading and the general pattern on those heels. They’re also a little bit more feminine than the other ones.

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