Blooming in the Chill

Blooming in the Chill
 Since I visited the East Coast just a few days ago, I realized how cold it is there and I went in the warmer time. So this outfit is for all of you out there who want to have a spring wardrobe but can’t afford to because of the weather. The colors are mainly what make this a Spring outfit since there are pastels in the color palette of this outfit. I started off with this cream/peachy floral lace skirt since florals are always in for spring and summer as well as the fact that the color is a spring color. For Spring, in general, pastels are in, or light, feminine colors. Since I started off with a plain base, I decided to add a lilac cable knit sweater which will keep you warm and incorporate some pastel. And since the sweater looks a little awkward tucked into the skirt, I added a white belt with a gold buckle since white is always in for spring as well as gold detailing. That’s a little tip, using a belt to make a skirt and shirt combination look more put together. I decided to go with sweater tights in white since I’m using color in the top part of the outfit. Because the tights have a different pattern than the skirt, they don’t clash with the skirt. Also, they’re more in between a stark white and cream color which is different than the skirt. I decided to add a tweed coat because tweed will keep you warm as well since tweed is a type of wool. I decided to go with the same color palette as the sweater for it because I wanted to keep the number of colors in this look to a minimum. But since the coat is a couple shades darker, it creates some dimension in the outfit and the texture of it is interesting. It has that sophisticated look that this outfit is going for. I decided not to add any jewelry because the scarf, hat, and long sleeve would cover it up anyways and this outfit is for those of you that will be out in the cold all day. That being said, I chose a cream knit hat with a crystalized flower at the top since the skirt is a cream color and the flower adds to the girlyness of the hat. I decided to use a mint green scarf because I love mint green and lilac together. Lastly, I chose dark brown boots because the color goes well with the lilac, cream, and mint and the ruching on the boots makes it girly.

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