Girly Fun in the Sun

Girly Fun in the Sun
You’re probably thinking this outfit looks familiar. Well, that’s because I did a post on a dress like this but much fancier and more glitzy a while ago. So although my intention was to make this outfit really casual, I just couldn’t resist adding all the jewelry and ended up dressing it up a bit I guess. Though I think this could be quite casual, just worn to a hang out with a friend possibly because 9.9 times out of ten, I dress like this, minus the heels. Also, the dress is pretty casual since the material of the dress isn’t really fancy and the silhouette is pretty basic. For this dress, I wanted to go with gold/bronze jewelry because those colors go with the colors of the dress. The colors of the jewelry that I chose are basically the colors of the dress but in a more metallic finish. So I chose the earrings because I thought a lighter gold would look pretty, and the intricate design on it complements the flowers on the top part of the dress even though they’re different patterns because both are intricate detailing. I chose the stacked bracelets because the contrast of the white pearly look with the bronze is interesting and I think stacked bracelets would fit the look of this dress. I chose the ring because it’s kind of girly and has a really classy look to it. Also, the light gold matches the earrings and the crystals set in the gold follow the “intricate look” of the earrings. The shoes fit perfectly because they have a girly look to them because of the peep toes and overall shape. Also, they’re a light gold with some intricate lacy type material which fits the top part of the dress. Lastly, the bag is perfect because it has that girly look to it because of the round but  sort of square look and because the tan and brown color match the dress really nicely. I wanted to keep the bag a solid color because there’s so much going on with the other accessories.

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