Normally I would have gone for the romantic, girly look for this dress, but I thought I would spice it up and make it have a “rocker vibe.” The earrings are perfect for this look because the drops have a spiky look to them and they’re a gun metal grey which is a color that complements the dress the best as well as adding to the rockstar vibe. I chose the bracelet next because the beads have a similar finish to the drops on the earrings and the chain going around the middle makes it look edgy. Also, the bracelet is big, and the structure of it with the earrings make it look edgy. For the ring, I went with the theme of black/gun metal grey beads set in a band. It complements the rest of the jewelry because it has beads and since the bracelet was already a statement, I decided to keep the ring simple. I would wear the ring on one hand and the bracelet on the other. I chose the clutch because of all the beading on it and because it’s black, which is pretty close to the color of the rest of the jewelry. The shape of the clutch and the rectangular beads make it have that “rocker” look as well. And as you can see in this outfit, beads/crystals/rhinestones are a recurring theme in the accessories so I chose some black peep toes covered in rhinestones to go with the rest of the accessories. They also slightly look like spikes from the edges, so that adds to the rocker vibe. And to finish off this prom look, I would wear a high ponytail with wavy hair and make it a little messy so you have the rockstar like hair. Also, I would say do some smoky eyes, but remember to keep the rest of your face pretty neutral.

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