Sparkling into Prom

Sparkling into Prom
So again this prom look is for those of you that don’t want to make a big fuss over your prom accessories and dress but still want to have that glam prom look. So my original intent for this look was to go very simple and pick accessories that any girl would wear but of course being me, I made this into a girly look. The dress itself is girly because of the sequins at the top part, the A-line look of it, and because there are pleats in the dress. Also, the white skirt and the sequins make a combination of really girly. I wanted to mix in some different patterns and textures with the accessories, so for the earrings I chose these silver hoops that have a nice pattern going on. I chose hoops with some design on them because I think hoops are the ultimate girly accessory. I added a crystal and silver bracelet to keep the accessories simple and have an intricate design on the band surrounding the beads that go along the bracelet. This bracelet is perfect since it’s simple but still has some intricate detailing like the twisted silver pattern that goes around the beads. I chose these heels because of the work on the strap and their shape complements the look I’m going for. Lastly, I chose a light silver sequined clutch to go with the sequins on the top of the dress. The shape of the clutch is simple and there isn’t any pattern on it, but it’s still glammed up because of the sequins.

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