Trendy’n Edgy

Trendy'n Edgy
This look is for those of you that like to wear neutral colors, or alot of black and mix edgy with girly. I chose this cream and black dress with the silver sequins on it, which is really girly because of the fit and flare style and the sequins. Also, this dress is on trend  for spring, this would be incorporating the black and white trend. I chose this gun metal grey necklace with crystals because I wanted to add a statement piece and  some edgyness to the dress. To go with the edgy look, I decided to use these leather earrings which fit into the edgy look because the center part is made out of leather and the color is in the black/gunmetal grey group. Next I chose this ring since it has that same sparkly crystal look to it as the necklace. I wanted to add some girlyness so I kept the clutch and shoes girly, so for the heels I chose some black peep toe pumps with a bow on them since they’re simple and girly. I chose this clutch because it has a polished look and is simple in that it doesn’t have any pattern, but it all knots into the center and creates pleats towards it where there is a crystal which goes with the sequins on the dress and the top part has a crystal as well which goes with the sequins as well. The overall shape is girly as well. Overall, this is a perfect way to mix two completely different styles. If you want to make a look more edgy, just adding a simple piece like an edgy necklace would make it more that style.

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  1. Superior employment about this post! I enjoy how we displayed a person’s information and just how you have made the item intriguing and simple to implement. Many thanks.

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