Sparkly Antique

Glam Rock
For this one I was going for the glamorous/sparkly bold look. I wanted to have this look be bold, but not by the color contrast, so I stuck with colors similar to the dress for all the accessories. I chose these earrings because the gun metal grey on the top part goes with the color of the dress since the skirt has that color in it and there are some blue tones similar to the sapphire stones in the earrings as well.  The earrings are bold  because they have that “heavy” look to them since they are all solid. I also like the antique look the earrings have to them, it adds a certain sophistication to them. The bracelet complements the earrings since the glass beads look like sapphires, just like in the earrings and they both have a similar round shape. The crystals set in between the glass beads also match the crystals in the flowers in the earrings. Since the bracelet has a sophisticated look to it, it complements the earrings as well. The color of the clutch again falls into the sapphire color, so it goes with the jewelry. Also, the beadwork on it is on the heavy side, but it’s still subtle because the colors are muted. Lastly, for the heels I decided to go with something a little more plain. I chose these satin peep toes since the satin gives them a shine so they’re not completely plain but aren’t over the top. Also, the pleating near the toes adds a nice touch as well. Since I wanted to go bold for this prom look, I decided to mix different “patterns” in the accessories, though I kept the colors similar so that they wouldn’t clash. That’s one tip: If you want to mix pretty bold accessories that have a different pattern then keeping the colors similar will make it easier to pull off the look.

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2 Responses to Sparkly Antique

  1. Wow, I just love this colour combo. Glam but not “too sweet”.

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