Sparkling Peaches

peachy girly
Want something that’s super girly, subtle yet bold? Then this look is for you. The dress is really girly since it has the ruffles and small pleating at the top. The embellishments at the waist and on the shoulder add to the girlyness as well. The color of the dress makes it really girly also and although the dress has ruffles and embellishments, the ruffles are tapered down and there aren’t too many, so that makes it subtle. And the embellishments are a clear crystal so while there is quite a bit of embellishment on the dress, the color of it makes it subtle. For jewelry, I was going for a subtle but bold look which is why I chose these crystal earrings. The light silver around the clear crystals and the shape of them make them delicate, but the size and the crystals together in the middle make it a little more bold. To complement the delicate look of the earrings, I chose this bracelet since it’s a light silver with the crystals in it as well. And the pattern on it is on the light side, which makes it subtle as well. For the ring, I went with the subtle meets bold look. It has that delicate look since it’s mainly crystals and the light silver add to the look as well but the size of the flower and the stone in the middle are pretty big. For the clutch, I went with a white floral print that’s bigger over a tan and light grey material to give off the effect of a light silver. I chose this clutch because floral print is girly and I wanted to keep that piece bold. For shoes, I chose these heels which are really girly since they strap around the foot and the straps are pretty thin. Also, as I mentioned in another post, I think open toed heels look better on high-low dresses.

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