Dusty Skies

Dusty Skies

This look is for those of you that love being bold by color blocking. Although the dress is pretty simple with just a little bit of embellishments at the waist and the shoulders,  I made this more of a prom look by adding the jewelry. I decided to use this statement necklace that has turtles made out of cobalt and  medium green stones. This necklace goes well because green complements purple, especially this type of green with the kind of purple the dress is. Also, the blue is in the cool tone family along with green and purple, so it goes with the colors. Since the necklace has a  shorter chain and follows the movement of the neckline, it’s the perfect shape. I decided to go with some simple green earrings since the necklace is quite the statement. The color of the drops is really close to the green in the necklace and the shape is pretty similar as well. The gold that holds the stone complements the gold of the necklace. Next I chose this bracelet which is pretty much the same color as the earrings but slightly muted. The shape of the beads/stones match the shape of the stones on the necklace so the bracelet complements the jewelry. And even though the  holding pieces are silver, it still matches the outfit since there are light silver crystals on the dress. I decided to make the color of the clutch in between that of the beads and dress so that it wouldn’t blend into either the dress or beads. The clutch has some pleating just like the dress and it has a satiny finish making it more fancy as well as having the crystal for the closing and opening which goes with the embellishments on the dress. Lastly, I went with these light silver open toed pumps since the dress has some light silver in the embellishments. Also, open toed pumps make a dress or outfit look more fun.


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