Velvet Crush

Velvet Crush
This one is for those of you out there who like pattern and a little glitz, but still like to keep things subtle. I started off with this lavender one shouldered floral lace and velvet dress. The pattern on the top part can be bold because it’s a bigger print but because the color is similar to the color of the bodice, it sort of blends in to create a pretty texture. This dress is unique as well because the skirt looks like velvet, which no one will have at prom. Although there is quite a bit of jewelry for those of you that choose to wear only one piece, it’s all in a light color and has a delicate pattern. I started off with these earringsĀ  since they have an intricate pattern to them which makes them delicate but are bigger so they’re a subtle statement like the dress. I decided to go with light silver for the jewelry to go with the light look of this dress. Although the ring is a little darker in shade than the earrings, it still goes because it’s still a lighter shade of silver, and the crystals go well with the crystals in the earrings. Next I chose the bracelet because it has an intricate design and is a lighter silver as well. I chose these shoes because they’re in the same color scheme as the other accessories, and have a subtle pleating to them. Lastly, I chose this medium silver clutch because the shape of it is girly and it has crystals at the opening of thee clutch which complements the other crystallized accessories.

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