Hues of Blues

Hues of Blues
For this look I wanted to use the same color but in different tones, so I decided to make the jewelry and accessories a darker blue.I chose the earrings because they have a gradient effect with the lighter teal stones at the top and then the darker teal stone at the bottom. Also, they have a sophisticated look to them because of the shape and are interesting since they have a geometric pattern. I chose the necklace because it has geometric shapes and the stone is the same color as the one in the earrings. Although the bracelet is a different blue from the rest of the jewelry, it still ties in because for this look I was going for different hues of blue and there’s still gold in the jewelry like everything else. I chose this organza clutch since it matches the color of the necklace, is subtle but interesting with the pleating as well as the fact that the material has a sparkly/shine to it. I chose a navy blue for the shoes since I wanted to add a darker shade. Although usually I would have gone for close toed with this look since I was going for a sophisticated look, these look really nice too because they have an interesting design.

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