This one is for those of you that love ruffles and the “typical” prom dress with a lot of statement. Since blues and yellows look amazing together, I decided to choose a teal/cyan/ darker blue for the accessories. Even though all the accessories aren’t the same color, they all fall in hues of blues or blue tones. I started off with these statement teal stone earrings since this shade of blue/green looks best with the lemon yellow dress. Also, the stones on the earrings make it dressier and bold, which is perfect for prom. I chose the bracelet next since it has stones in a similar shape as well, and even though the colors are different from the earrings, it still complements the earrings since the bracelet’s stones and the earrings stones are pretty similar shape wise. And even though there is  mint green in the stones, the color ties in since it’s a really blue based mint color. The ring goes perfectly with the ring since the stone is the same color as the top part of the earrings. Also, the ring has one simple stone just like each of the stones in the earrings and it is surrounded by a similar gold to the earrings. Next I chose these fun cyan peep toe pumps since this color complements the color of the dress as well. The peep toes make them fun, adding to the vibe of this look and the sequins on it add a nice touch to the heels. I chose the clutch because the color of it is similar to the earrings and the ring as well as the shape of it suits the look of this dress. Also, I like how it has a pattern on it but is subtle so that from far away it looks like it has some cool texture.

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