Starburst Ocean

Starburst Ocean
I did an edgy look on this dress already, but I wanted to show you how I would style this dress. Since I love color blocking and bold pieces, I chose this tiered cyan blue color since I think this color and the color of the dress complement each other, especially because the stones have a green undertone to them. I was going for something that would be a round sort of shape, didn’t start too high, and hit above the neckline since this shape is perfect for a sweetheart neckline. Next I chose the earrings because the stones are a similar color to the ones in the necklace, and the gold around the stones has nice detailing. Both the necklace and earrings have a simple pattern, but are bold because of the size and the color contrast with the dress. Next, I chose the bracelet since it’s made out of stones as well and has the same colors as the earrings and the necklace. I chose these cream peep toe pumps since I wanted to keep something simple since the rest of the accessories are bold. The cream color is perfect because it goes with the color of the dress, is neutral like white, but is subtle and has some shine to it so that it still has a glam look. I chose this clutch because it’s really feminine just like the dress. Also, the clutch has some pretty floral pattern on it as well as being a light pink color that’s in the same family as the color of the dress.

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