Girly Sophistication

Girly Sophistication
I’ve showed you two ways of styling this prom dress, now I’m going to show you how I would style it my way. Though I love color and mixing and matching, for prom, I would like to keep things bold yet not over the top. Since this dress has a sweet feminine look to it because of the color, pleats, crochet/lace and the rose, I decided to keep the accessories somewhat simple by deciding to go with a light silver/clear crystal color for everything. This necklace is perfect because it hits above the neckline, has that delicate look because of the light crystal and intricate design but is bold because the crystals are bigger. I chose these earrings since they follow the bold but simple look as well as matching the necklace since they are completely made out of crystals. The drops and the fact that they’re a solid color add to make them look sophisticated. Even though the earrings and necklace are one solid color, they have a certain dimension since they have a certain sparkle to them because the light reflects on them. Next I chose the bracelet which complements the accessories even though it’s not completely crystal since it’s a light silver and has some crystals in it. Also, the intricate design of the twists adds to the jewelry. The clutch goes with the look since the major sparkles add to it, making it really girly. These heels are the ultimate girly heels since they’re strappy and  have some rhinestones on the straps. The light silver color goes with the rest of the accessories as well.

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