Glammed Taupe

Glammed Taupe
So for this prom dress, I wad going for a “Victorian/antique” look. All the jewelry have that Victorian look since they’re bold and are one solid color. I started off with the necklace and chose a orange red bronze color since that color looks good with the color of the dress. The stones have an interesting texture, adding to the outfit and the large stones add to the bold look I was going for. I chose these earrings since the stone is the same color as the stone in the necklace. Also, the gold surrounding the petals matches the necklace’s gold. The bracelet complements the jewelry since the stone is the same color as the rest of the jewelry, is shaped in a similar fashion to the necklace and has the same colored gold around each stone. The ring has the same stone once again, is in that oval shape, and the intricate gold surrounding the stone makes it have an antique/Victorian look. For the clutch I chose a simple shape but with black lace over the satin makes it fancy and fits in with the antique/Victorian look. I chose these simple dark brown peep toes with the bow at the top since everything else is bold. The dark brown complements the color of the jewelry and ties in with the color of the dress. It has a shine to it and the bow adds a girly touch, transforming them from being completely plain to chic.

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