Victorian Grace

Victorian Grace
Since this dress has an ” old time” kind of look to it with the magenta/fuschia lace and the black lace going up like a corset I decided to go with accessories that have a “Victorian” look to them. What I mean by this is that these accessories are bold but not in the conventional way. I decided to go with black and an antique silver for the accessories since the lace and ribbon is black and silver goes with the colors of the dress.The earrings have a Victorian look to them since since they have the big stone at the top, and there are drops coming down from it. Also, they have a lot of intricate work on them. The choker necklace complements the look since the choker has the main band as black and it looks like satin, which is a rich material. The silver chains are classically draped around and the flower is made out of a silver that has an antique look to it. The intricate work on the band of the bracelet matches that of the earrings and the silver matches the necklace’s silver part. The black stone in between matches the stone in the earrings. The clutch complements the look since it has black lace over a grey satin background. Also, the pattern of the lace complements the Victorian. The black pumps are perfect since they have a Victorian type lace design on them and since they’re close toed they go with the conservative Victorian look.

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