Frolicking Pink

Frolicking Pink
For this prom look I wanted to go for something that was feminine, delicate and bold. These earrings are perfect since they have that intricate pattern and are unique since they have that thread look to them. They’re also more of  a statement because of their size. For the bracelet, I decided to go with the “rope” look  of the earrings. The silver twists make it look like it’s made out of some thread material but doesn’t look cheap since it has some shine to it because of the crystals. Although the necklace doesn’t have the same silver shade, it goes with the jewelry since it has that same pattern as the earrings in terms of the shape of the crystals. The clutch goes perfectly since it has the pleating and the flower in the middle. The light silver color complements the heels since both have flowers and the same light silver color. Although the heels have a lot going on with the crystals and the embellishments, they match the dress because of the floral pattern. And since the embellishments are all in the same color, it doesn’t look gaudy.

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