A summer breeze

DSCN0745So here’s a fashion sketch that I drew originally for spring, but this outfit could work for summer too if it’s still a little cold where you live. Since I usually draw sketches with skirts or dresses, I decided to switch it up and draw some pants. I wanted something more interesting than typical jeans, so I decided to draw some patterned jeans. The polka dots are supposed to go with the green in the shoes. Since it’s summer, I decided a lighter wash for jeans would look better, and also because the top is a mint green, which is a lighter color, I chose to go with a lighter wash. I have to say, the top is my favorite part of this outfit because it has the pleats, the neckline has an interesting pattern to it and the puff sleeves. For the heels, I wanted to design something that had an interesting pattern but also looked sophisticated, which is why I went with closed toes. And I added some orange in the pattern since I love the combination of green and orange. For the earrings I went with the same color scheme as the heels and made an intricate design to go with the top’s pleats. For the bracelet, I decided to go for a simple orange/green bangle.


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I love fashion, beauty and reading.
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