Peacock Trails

Peacock Trails

Are you looking to be the most glamorous person in your group of friends? Look no further, this is the type of outfit you want to go for. I started off with this white sleeveless blouse that has the slight ruffled V-neckline since this style is the perfect way to make a simple blouse look feminine and classy. I decided to go with a circle skirt since they’re flirty and fun. I chose a mint green for the skirt since mint green and white look really pretty together to make a summer outfit. I wanted to add a bit of glam to the outfit, so I chose the earrings since they’re statement earrings and have a lot going on with the peacock pattern in the drops, but at the same time, they’re in a solid form and line with gold which makes them look more sophisticated. The classic teardrop shape is what makes the earrings have that sophisticated look. Next I went for the bracelet which has a geometric pattern with the gems which doesn’t correspond with the soft lines of the earrings, but the colors of the gems are there in the earrings so the bracelet goes with the earrings. Also since there are different shapes in the bracelet, it adds a certain complexity to the jewelry. For the ring I decided to stick with the same round, or soft lines of the earrings and the same teal green color that’s in the background of the pattern on the earrings. Also, the gold out-linings on the ring are the same color as the gold on the earrings. I went for these lacy white peep toes since they’re really girly and go with the feminine glam look of this outfit. The handbag goes with the glam look of this outfit since the cut of the purse has that sophisticated look. You would wear this purse in the crook of your arm, which always gives off an air of poise. For the heels and the purse I chose white since I had so much color in the jewelry and also because white gives off a light airy feeling, which balanced out the heavier color scheme of the jewelry. So you’re probably wondering what makes this outfit so glam? This isn’t the typical outfit that comes to mind when you think of glamorous, usually it’s sparkles and metallic colors placed in the right form. But this is a more subtle way to make an outfit glamorous.The base outfit isn’t glamorous, it’s just a fun and girly outfit. The jewelry is what makes this look glamorous and the handbag and heels are what make it sophisticated.


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