Fun in the 4th

laid back

So the theme behind this look was a really laid back look and something you can truly pull out of your closet for fourth of July tomorrow. Of course, if you don’t live in the US, or like this outfit, it’s completely wearable any other day of the summer. So I started off with some basic blue shorts, but you can just go for any darker wash of denim so that it actually looks like you tried to incorporate blue. I went for a crop top since crop tops are effortless. Granted, it’s a lace crop top, but that’s just because I think the lace adds to the top in a subtle way. Of course, you could substitute the crop top for a basic white tee if those aren’t your style. I decided to go with silver just because this theme has a more cool tone to it. I chose some silver sandals with beading since the beading adds to the sandals. I went for a long silver leaf necklace, but basically any long necklace would look best with this. That is, any long necklace that has a simple theme. Since I wanted to keep this simple, I went for some crystal studs. Although the bag is red, it’s a deeper shade, therefore being easier to pull off. And it’s in a very simple shape as well as being a cross body which automatically gives off a casual vibe. This outfit would be perfect for a barbecue or a party at your cousin’s house or somewhere casual basically. Now remember, you can alter this outfit to whatever suits your plans.


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2 Responses to Fun in the 4th

  1. really love the flats!! super cuteee! def must have for summer!

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