Preppy Patriotism

Preppy Patriotism
Are you going somewhere tomorrow where you need to look more polished? Then you have stopped by the right place. Here’s a way to incorporate the US colors without looking like our flag. I chose this white and blue polka dot skirt since it has the colors but isn’t flashing white and blue in your face. I chose to pair this skirt with a white sleeve less button up because I was going for a preppy look. I chose the belt to incorporate some red into the outfit and also because the colors red and blue are quite the preppy combination. I went for the earrings since they have that structured look that this outfit has but also the pattern of the earrings resembles that of the polka dots. I went with these cream lace flats with the bow because the color is one of the main colors in this outfit and flats give off a preppy and polished look. The purse once again matches the white in this outfit and without the long strap, it has a very structured look to it. Basically, if you’re in a last minute rut for what to wear tomorrow, here’s the guideline: find a skirt that has some blue and white in it, wear something white on top, or red if you’re daring. Then add some jewelry, maybe it’s a necklace and earrings or earrings and a bracelet. Just add some accessories that have red, white or blue if you haven’t incorporated those into your clothes. This outfit would be perfect if you’re planning on going to a nicer restaurant or if everyone is going to be a little more dressed up. That being said, you can rock this outfit at a casual party at one of your friends’ house as well since the pieces in this outfit aren’t too bold.

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  1. sarah lorsch says:

    Love the Rabeanco bag!! We’re actually having a giveaway on Instagram right now for one. You should enter xx

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