Glammed up Effortless

Glammed up Effortless
So this outfit was inspired by the fireworks I saw yesterday for the 4th of July, or atleast the skirt is. When I saw the skirt, I immediately thought I had to use this for one of my outfit posts  since it’s just such a cool skirt, but you would probably pass by it in the store. But now you can have an idea on how to style a skirt like this. I wanted to go for a cool, laid back/retro kind of vibe with a little bit of glam. I would wear this as a high waisted skirt because I chose this crop top that has a casual vibe to it. The high waisted skirt and the crop top would give off a slight retro look. For the earrings, I went with some statement earrings that have that glam look to them because of the shininess and the shimmery gemstones yet have that “cool laid back look”. The colors of the earrings and the general feel of them go with the “galaxy” look of the skirt. For the bracelet I wanted to keep it something that was more of a laid back look so I went with this leather beaded bracelet since the colors match the dark colors of the earrings and the skirt. Also, this style of bracelet has a casual look to it, so it’s perfect to tone down the earrings. The ring goes with the bracelet because it has the beading in the middle as well and although it is not blue, it fits in the darker colors. The ring also has a casual look to it which matches the bracelet perfectly as well. For the heels, I wanted to go with something that had an interesting/edgy/cool kind of vibe so I chose these black heels since the pattern of them gives off that look. Also the complete open toed look makes it have that casual look. And lastly, the handbag fits in with the dark colors, but it also has a polished look to it, which goes with the look of the earrings.

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  1. Elidia Graf says:

    I love your wordpress design, wherever did you obtain it through?

  2. Precisely what I was seeking for, thankyou for putting up.

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