Blooming Flowers

Want to look polished and feminine but don’t have a very feminine dress? Well you’re about to learn how to transform your outfit so that you look like a polished upper east sider. So I would say this dress has a feminine feel to it because of the color of the skirt but the top part has a very modern look to it. To add some femininity I added this cream, gold and crystal bracelet. The bracelet has a feminine look to it because of the cream pearl like stones and the way it’s arranged as well as the colors. I went for these earrings because they have that same “heavy” look to them that the bracelet does-and by that I mean they have a bigger surface and have that early 1900’s look when jewelry was bolder because of the sizes-and the earrings have the same gold color and crystal that the bracelet has as well. Also both have some pattern to them; the earrings with the different gold shapes and the bracelet has the crystals and the gold arranged around the bracelet. I chose this simple peach/cream stone ring since the other accessories have patterns on them and the oval shape goes with the circle of the bracelet since both have round shapes. And the stone is set in some gold as well. The purse has a pretty subtle pattern on it which adds to the piece and the cream color goes with the soft look of this outfit. And lastly I chose these darker nude flats since they have a pinky undertone to them and ballet flats scream femininity and girlyness. The whole outfit had a pink/cream/peach color palette because all of these colors are very feminine colors.

About fashionforever248

I love fashion, beauty and reading.
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