Green Edge

Cool Edge
Do you want a casual look with a little edge? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. My friend asked me to do a post on here with combat boots, so the next few posts will be inspired by her boots. So for this look I went for a casual look and I didn’t use any jewelry since my friend doesn’t really wear jewelry on a day to day basis. I made a twist and started with these combat boots, and I decided to use dark wash jeans since this is a fall outfit. I used this green loose top to go with the casual look. The gold buttons down the middle of the shirt, the pockets, and the buckle and buttons on the sleeve add something interesting to the top. That’s one tip: finding pieces that have details on them even if they are subtle, because those details will add to a plain boring top. And you can look more put together. I went with a camel colored cardigan since this green/grey color complements the color of the cardigan. And I know I’ve said before that I don’t like black and brown in one outfit because I think it clashes, but the color of the cardigan has some tan undertones and the combination of tan and black look good together. Lastly, the cross body purse complements the feel of this outfit since it has that ‘cool girl’ vibe. And the purse is basically in the same color range as the cardigan, just a shade darker. The color of the purse works with the color of the boots since the purse has warm/yellow undertones.

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