My Recent Love for Fall

As of late, I’ve had an itch for Fall to come which is weird because I love the heat and summer is hands down my favorite season. I love summer fashion, the sun beating down on you, just everything about summer. But of course with fashion and makeup, I started to like all the other seasons as well. But the one thing I wasn’t looking forward to this fall was how much I would have to change my wardrobe for fall now that I’m in a much colder climate. I usually wore skirts and dresses with tights and flats, and in Winter, I would wear a peacoat with it and boots and I was good to go. And I would wear my Summer dresses and skirts, and that was the one thing that I thought I would miss a lot. But it’s weird, (maybe because I’m here) I want the temperature to cool down a bit, or even if it’s extremely cold, and wear my cable knit sweaters and sweater dresses. It’s almost as if I have trained my brain to like these types of clothes(not that I don’t) so that I won’t be miserable during the Fall and Winter.


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I love fashion, beauty and reading.
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