Green Edge

Green Edge
Are you looking for simple ways to add an edge to your outfit? You’ve chosen the right place if that’s the case. I started off with these black shorts that have a leather trim which have a biker feel to them. The leather and the crossover draping make them more edgy. I decided to pair them with this emerald cable knit sweater since this color is in for this year. Next I went for the tweed Moto jacket since it has an edgy vibe to it. What makes this jacket perfect for this outfit are the details on it such as the leather shoulders, leather detailing, and the gold zippers. They make the jacket edgy and I love how it’s made out of tweed but the cut of the jacket transforms the jacket into looking more edgy. Next I chose these dark grey sweater tights since I was going for a darker and neutral palette other than the pop of color in the sweater. I chose these platform ankle boots because they scream edginess. The chunky heel, the detailing, shape and lace up part of these boots all add to the edginess of them. The earrings have a very edgy vibe because the crystals are pointy and they’re spread out to look like wings. Also, they remind me of a hawk’s wings which when I think of hawks I think of something dark so they’re very fitting to this outfit. Lastly I added the black scarf just for warmth because it is fall after all.

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I love fashion, beauty and reading.
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2 Responses to Green Edge

  1. black guylover says:

    ermergerd!! I LOVE THIS!! so ;proud of u and ur blog xx ivy

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