Five Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue
Are you looking for something blue, something preppy, something new? Here is an outfit for warmer climates where it wouldn’t be too cold now, say in Northern California. I started out with this cobalt pleated skirt since the color cobalt is in for this season. I wanted to go with something girly/preppy so I chose this cream lace tank top with the black bow. I love the black trim on the neckline and the armscye as it adds a nice contrast to the top. The black bow makes a nice statement to the top and ties in with the the black trim. I chose a cream colored top to go with the skirt since there is a contrast, but it’s not too harsh because the color is toned down from a stark white. Next I chose this gray blue cardigan since it contrasts the bright blue color of the skirt. Also, this adds the perfect preppy touch since the style and texture of the cardigan have that preppy look. The crew neck style and the silver buttons with the antique design on them make them have a conservative/preppy look as well. I chose these blue turquoise earrings to add some color/hue contrast to the skirt and cardigan. The slightly off teardrop shape and the crystals surrounding the stone make these earrings perfect since they have the curves that are resembled in the outfit while being structured as they have that heavy look to them. I chose the ring next since the color of the stone is similar to the color of the cardigan and the stone has that similar texture which makes it interesting. Also, it is set in silver and has crystals surrounding the stone which resembles the earrings. For the bracelet, I wanted a similar color palette to the earrings so I went with the light blue/turquoise and clear crystal colors. The bracelet has a delicate look to it because the stones are small in size and has a lightness to it since there are crystals in it as well. Lastly I went with these black heels since they have a modern look to them and have the fluid lines which adds to the femininity to them that the rest of the outfit has. 

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