Moviews: Clueless

So one thing I’ve really been into since going to college is watching movies on Netflix and I have come across quite a few movies I never would have watched before. One of the movies I recently watched is Clueless, which is about a popular girl, Cher Horowitz; who is the stereotypical popular girl from the 90’s: loves to shop, is rich, and pretty much gets what she wants from negotiating, who decides to make a match between two teachers so that she can get a better grade in a class and in doing this, she finds a lot of joy, so she decides to make the new girl her best friend and give her a makeover. They become really close friends but when  Cher realizes that this new girl,Tai Frasier has taken her spot in being the school’s most popular girl, and becoming good friends with her ex step brother, she decides it’s time for her to do some good deeds in order to impress a love interest. This is basically a chick flick and a light movie but it’s really good if you’re into those types of movies.


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