Ringing in the Holidays with fashion

Ringing in the Holidays with fashion
Are you looking for the perfect outfit for the Christmas party at your friends house but can’t come up with something because it’s supposed to be more conservative? Well, I have the perfect solution to your problem. This outfit screams Christmas, mainly because of the colors and the on the dress. I started off with this deep olive green and gold dress since the gold in the dress makes it more festive and dressy. Also, I like the high neckline and how the dress is a fit and slight flare. Since I was going for a more fun yet conservative Christmas party look, I decided to pair this dress with maroon tights. I decided to go with gold jewelry to match the gold in the dress and first chose these earrings because the color is an antique rusty gold and the dangly earrings go with the feel of the dress since they’re flowy. Next I chose the ring because the crystal set in the ring has that same antique look that each of the individual circles have in the earrings. I decided to go with closed toed pumps that are the same color as the tights since I thought there was already alot going on in the outfit in terms of color.

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