1900’s in a modern era

1900's in a modern era
Are you missing wearing your pretty flared, feminine dresses? Well, not to worry, I have a solution for those of you out there that live in colder weather. I would suggest looking for dresses that are made out of a fabric that would keep in the heat such as wool or velvet. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Itchy wool? You want me to wear that? Well, I know when you think of woolen apparel your first thought is probably a really ugly sweater. But actually, wool comes in a lot of forms, such as pashmina and cashmere. And there are a lot of wool blends, which means wool blended with cotton. So really you could find dresses made out of this material that are comfortable and will keep you nice and warm. I started out with this red woolen dress since I love the pleating, the shoulders and the general fit of this dress. Since I was thinking of the cold I decided to go with really thick sweater tights, which go perfectly since this darker grey complements the red. Next I chose these earrings because they have a very heavy look to them just like the rest of the outfit. What makes the outfit have a ‘heavy’ look to it are the weighty fabrics such as the woolen dress and the snow boots. The crystal in the middle and the surrounding gunmetal stones add to the sturdy look of the earrings as well as the fact that the gunmetal goes with the rest of the grey/black color palette. Now from here all the accessories are necessary items for the cold. Next I decided to go with a medium grey cashmere scarf since grey and black go well together. I went for a woolen black beanie to match the black snow boots and black gloves. What I love about the gloves is that they have a classy look to them with the cuff and the button detailing on the side.

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2 Responses to 1900’s in a modern era

  1. I just got snow boots a bit like those ones. I love how you mix up the red and black and make the cozy stuff look dressy.

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