Beauty comes in all shapes and forms

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a really long time, about a year now, but never really got around to it. I’ve always felt this way, but I was talking to someone and I remembered why I felt this way again. You’re probably wondering what it is I’m talking about, well, let me clarify on what I’m talking about:Body image. Now, this isn’t going to be your typical post where I tell you that you don’t have to be a size zero, that being “curvier is  better” because quite frankly, I think it’s wrong to tell everyone that one certain type of body is better, which is what is happening right now. I feel like as of late it has started to become more acceptable to be curvy or average in your body size which is great, but what we’re doing now isn’t any better than what has been going on for the past few decades. What am I talking about? Well, while being curvier or average sized is becoming more acceptable,(outside of the fashion industry)  being skinny/not having a lot of curves is becoming the new ugly. Which is just as horrible as ridiculing anyone who has curves. Now, you’re probably thinking, this isn’t true, look at the fashion industry, they still have really skinny models. Well, if you step outside of the fashion industry, everywhere you go you will hear girls talking about other girls who are skinny as if they are wrong to be in that body shape.  Pretty much every blogger/person on the Internet says that a good body image is…so and so. And they’re always curvier. Or they say that a curvier girl, or someone who has more curves, like an average girl is a good image to follow, and they basically say a girl who is skinny is not pretty, not a good body image, being skinny isn’t good. When really, they are just criticizing a certain girl’s body type. Which is no different than criticizing a girl who is heavier. So what really annoys me is that lately as we’ve come out of the “only skinny is pretty” there is a lot of criticism towards girls who are skinnier. What I mean is that, it’s become the exact opposite of how it was before; when there was a trend of “skinny is the new pretty and only skinny”, and what I meant by the exact opposite is happening now is that now it’s more about “curvy equals being beautiful, and only if you’re curvy”, which is great that being curvy is becoming more acceptable, but the problem is that we’re not starting to be more accepting of body types. We’re only accepting that one body type, which is curvy. Which is just as horrible as only accepting girls who are skinny because everyone has a different body type. And the only reason why we think it’s okay now to only promote being curvy is that we’re so used to having a skinny girl as a pretty body image, that we now think by being curvy that means that you are healthier. Which is not the case at all. It really upsets me when I hear, so and so is the ideal body image because there shouldn’t be one person who we think has the perfect body and every girl should stride towards that body because you’re ideal body image should only be how you look when you are at your healthiest. And by healthiest I mean healthiest living style, when you eat the right foods for your body and get exercise every day whatever your body looks like then, That is the ideal body image for you. And I hate that nowadays there’s not much acceptance towards girls who are skinnier. You always hear “She’s too skinny” “she needs to gain weight””she should eat something” and No one will stand up or say anything about the bashing towards these girls. It’s as if it’s okay for us to bash girls bodies who are skinnier, but if someone bashes a girl’s body who is curvier, everyone goes crazy over that. I feel like we need to learn to start accepting All body types and not just idolize one certain body type, whether it be skinny, curvy etc.


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