Lost in Monet

Lost in Monet
Are you looking for a way to incorporate one of the trends into your wardrobe? Well, you’ve come to the right place. The trend in this outfit would be the geometric pattern on the skirt. I chose this specific skirt because the color palette consists of very soft pastel colors which goes nicely with the busy pattern. I decided to do a plain cream top to balance out the busy pattern of the skirt. What I love about the top is that it has some lace detailing to it so it’s not boring but it’s very subtle and just adds the slightest bit of texture. Next I went for the heels which I usually save for last, but this time I felt like they would tie in the outfit better if I did them first. I chose these since this shade of purple contrasts the soft colors in the skirt since it is a rich color but is still a muted color. The style of these go perfectly because they have a simple structural shape to them just like the pattern of the skirt but they also have a modern feminine feminine feeling to them which adds to the femininity of this outfit. I chose these earrings next because the blue and green in them are similar to the colors in the skirt and they add a bit of contrast since the colors are a brighter version of the colors in the skirt. They also have a lot of intricate detail just like the skirt but have more round shapes so it balances the pattern out. I decided to go with this ring since the turquoise green stone in the middle is similar to the mint green in the earrings. Also, the silver surrounding the stone has a lot of intricate work which complements the pattern of the skirt and earrings. I decided to go with this purple clutch since it has a simple shape but has some texture in it. It also matches the color of the shoes perfectly. And lastly I thought this  mid tone pink lipstick would complement the whole outfit since it’s a muted pink but adds just enough color to the lips.

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