Coral reef in the city

Coral reef in the city
Are you wondering how to incorporate a trend into your outfits without changing too much of your style? You’ve come to the right place if you are. You’re probably wondering what the trend in this outfit is since it looks pretty basic. Well, the trend would be the “structured” look which is demonstrated in this dress. You’re probably thinking, but this has some shape to it how is it a structured garment? Well while it has some shape to it, it’s a shift dress and barely shows your figure so it does fall into that category. I wanted to keep this look simple which is why I chose this dress since there is not much detail on the dress besides the hint of a bow at the neckline. And although usually I like to have some contrast in the accessories, I decided to go with a monochromatic palette minus the purse for this look. First I started with these earrings since the shapes are simple and they are small so that they don’t overpower the dress. I also love how the colors range from cream to peach to different shades of coral. I chose this ring next since it’s simple in that there isn’t any intricate work on the ring or surrounding it. Also I like that the stone is a shade lighter then the color of the dress as well as the fact that it’s set in gold just like the stones in the earrings. I went for this bracelet next and the round stones and simplicity of it match the other jewelry. I chose these heels next since the cut of them are feminine and I like the small ruffle detail at the toe. Also I love that these are a shade of coral that is brighter and more orange than the color of the dress. Lastly I chose this purse since it’s structured like the dress and while it is a neutral color I like that it is a brighter tan color. Tan is the perfect shade for the purse since it complements coral.

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