Flowers Blooming

Flowers Blooming
Are you looking for a fun, ladylike outfit? Well this is the perfect outfit for you if you are. The crochet lace, the soft color and cut of the dress all add to making this dress very feminine. The soft colors of the accessories add to the ladylike look of this outfit. For this outfit, I took a different approach than usual. Instead of starting out with the garment, I started out with the ring and added on from there. Since the ring has roses in a soft peach color I decided to play up the softness of it and go with a feminine white dress. Next I chose these flower earrings because although they are not the same color as the rose they have a hint of peach to the pink in the petals as well as the fact that they are enveloped in the same gold color as the band and leaves are for the ring. I chose this rose gold bracelet since all the colors of the crystals and the band complement the colors of the rest of the jewelry. Lastly I went for these heels since they are a perfect cream color to complement the rest of the color palette of this outfit. The shape of them also add perfectly to the femininity of the outfit with the open toe and the way the straps are placed and the size of them. I decided to not match all of the colors of the accessories perfectly since it adds something interesting and all these colors are in the same color family or close enough.

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