Flamingos in the Sea

Flamingos in the Sea
Are you looking for an outfit that incorporates bright colors? Well you’re in luck, because this outfit has three different bright colors that you wouldn’t think to pair together but after reading this post, you’ll think differently. So I started off with these coral pumps because they just caught my eye and coral is a perfect summer color. Next I went for these mint green shorts. And what I like about them is that they have a lot of drape to them, they have the small pleats at the waistband and there is a bow at the center of the waistband which all add to these shorts and make them more interesting than a plain pair of shorts. Next I went for this bright bubble gum pink top since this shade of pink complements the mint green nicely. Also since coral and the pink are in the same color family, they don’t clash too much. They sort of clash, but the pink in them ties the colors together. Also, the pleats in the top make the top look more structured than the shorts which makes for a good contrast between the shorts and the top.  This gold geometric statement necklace complements the outfit because the geometric pattern and heavy look of the necklace contrasts the rest of the outfit which has more drape. Also the shade of gold in the necklace goes perfectly with the rest of the colors. I chose these earrings because the gold matches the necklace perfectly and the pattern on it matches the lines on the necklace. Lastly, I went for this white and gold purse because it has a geometric pattern as well and the structured look of it matches the rest of the accessories.

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2 Responses to Flamingos in the Sea

  1. flamingos are so cute. Love the animal so much that I siply adore prints or stuff featuring them :).

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